Hey all! Tim here. Just dropping a note here as I try to get some stuff going again here on the AtomicFoxtail side of things. Here’s a few of the things that are going on right now:

I’m working on a potential redrawing of the initial part of Beyond Neverwonder. I’m hoping to expand on a few things that will hopefully help the storyline a bit as well as add some better artwork for some of the early pages. I’ll probably work on tweaking some of better looking pages and do some general clean-up on things. I’m going to try to get it into more of a book-ish form so it can be published properly in tangible form.

I’m also preparing for WonderCon Anaheim here in a few weeks. Looking forward to all the fun and goodness that goes along with a convention. I had a great time with all the great panels last year, so I’l hoping to get some more good information on the creator’s side of things again this year. I’m sure the con won’t disappoint.

Beyond that, it’s all just trying to get things going again. I’ve got a few personal coloring projects that I’m in the middle of (and really want to finish) and I’m trying to get my artist space at home functioning properly again. Slow progress there. I did pick up a new lightbox last week (my birthday gift to myself), so I’m going in a good direction. I really just need to get back into the habit of drawing on a more regular basis. I like to slack when it comes to practice, so it’s something that I need to do better on. Heaven knows that I could use the practice.