Greetings all! After working on this for the last month, I finally got the new redesign done.

I got AtomicFoxtail set up as an LLC a few months ago and hadn’t had a chance to get the new version of the site done until now. I decided to consolidate things. I migrated things like design and publishing services under here now. It’s all looking pretty good. I have a few things that I still need to finish up, but the main pieces are there.

And as you can see, I’ve resurrected the blog again. I probably won’t use it too much, since I’m a total slacker, but it’ll be here for general announcements. I have a couple things that I’m still developing, like the Design Blog and the Online Store, but the main site is ready to go.

And, so this entry isn’t a total waste, today is World AIDS Day. In our efforts to help support the cause, we recommend that everyone go to Starbucks and help them celebrate World AIDS Day with (Product)RED. They’re donating a chunk of each of their specialty (RED) drinks to the Global Fund. It’s a great cause, so if you’re Starbucks-Inclined or just want to help, hit up Starbucks and snag a drink. It’s tasty and it’s helping the world. What’s better than that? 🙂