So, WonderCon for 2014 has finally come to a close. Got back to the grind yesterday after a long, tiring, but good convention. It was good to see and hear all the great ideas and tips for things, great to hear some of my favorite creators talk about things and to learn more about some new folks. (Kelly Sue DeConnick! Katie Cook! Marv Wolfman! Alex Sinclair! Nei Ruffino! Edgar Delgado! All the guys from Aspen Comics!) Some excellent artwork was also procured. (Including a limited edition print of the cover to Aspen Comics’ Bubblegun #2 by the ever excellent J. Scott Campbell!) Overall, it was a great weekend. I don’t think I did as much networking as I did last year, but that is what it is.

Hopefully I can get things moving forward in the world of artstuffs too. I did do something last night that I hadn’t done for a while. I sat down and actually did some sketching for some ideas on a re-imaging of the part of Beyond Neverwonder that I’ve already posted to the site. And miraculously, it looked pretty decent. I guess it happens some times. I just hope I can keep myself going. It’s soooooo easy to be lazy, especially after tiring days at your “day job.”

At some point, I’d love to find someone that is looking for a colorist too so that I can get my hands dirty on some sequential stuff. I’ve got lots of cover-ish type stuff and pin up-ish things, but having an actual story to do again (The last time I did sequential coloring was Elfquest in 2001… 13 years!), that would be excellent! I know little to no one will be looking here, but if anyone knows about anyone that’s looking for a colorist that would like my style, I’m open to any suggestions. I even work cheap! (My other artistic friends tell me that I put the “free” in freelance.) Just a thought there too. Yeah.