I’m moving house again as far as blog space. Things have gotten a bit blah over on LiveJournal, and I’m not being overly talkative over there anyhow. I’ll be using this for generic art blog type stuff. I’ll prolly end up cross-posting the stuff I put on deviantART and on the Beyond Neverwonder page. I’ve also started a new project called “Tekitsune’s Foxtails.” It’s going to be a running comic strip style project, there won’t be a release schedule though. It’ll be one of those “whenever I have something to post” type things. It’ll be a slice-of-life type story, just random little things that don’t really have anything to do with anything. Just random silliness. When I have a goofy doodling idea, I’ll probably put it there.

For now, I’m just getting ready for school to start up again next Wednesday. I got final grades back and I did better in my Art History class than I thought I was going to do, so it was good there. Now I just have to wait for Financial Aid money to arrive. The school was generious enough to delay my check because Summer grades weren’t posted until yesterday. So I prolly won’t see that until Wednesday, so I won’t have any supplies for class unitl after the semester starts. Translation: Next week is going to be fun.