It’s been a rough couple of weeks the last little while. As some of you may have noticed (yes, all two or three of you ^_^), things haven’t been moving too swiftly on the art front. The last 3 weeks or so have been slammed with school projects that have taken more time than I have and work projects that have taken time that they school projects should be using. I’ve had most of page 021 of Neverwonder done for a week or so, but with how crazy things have been, I haven’t had a chance to actually finish it up. I’m hoping that now that I have the last 3D Design project out of the way and I’m kinda fudgeing my Illustrative Media class (I had another Devourer of Time, the Egg Pt. 2 that I never had time to even really start this last week… I’m going to have to make ths one up somehow) that I’ll be able to get things a bit more managable. Work is still a variable, but there’s little I can do there. Bills need to be paid, so work comes first.

Oh well, class is about to start here. More later. 🙂