Life has been kinda funky since starting school again, so things have been kinda out of sorts…

Since things haven’t been rather noteworthy around here, here’s an iKit Shuffle for the month of October.

  • It’s been a rough month for drawing external stuff. All the drawing I’ve had time and energy for has been for classes, with a few rare exceptions. Most times I don’t even have time to do “homework” because of how much time work takes up. As a result, poor Alice and the Neverwonder crew have been neglected. I really need to find time to get that going again.
  • Got tired of all the channels disappearing on Comcast’s Basic Cable TV lineup, so we got the DirecTV turned back on. It’s nice having all the old channels back. And the TiVo. 🙂
  • After getting said DirecTV turned back on, come to find out that they’re trying to charge me for 7 Adult channel pay-per-view things that they say were done in 2000. Quite a feat considering that, 1) I don’t use the Pay-Per-View, 2) I wasn’t living in Utah in 2000 when they claim that they were done and 3) that my service at the Utah address was turned off in October 1999 and wasn’t turned back on until 2003. I first called them on October 1st and today, October 31st, it’s still not resolved. And I’ve spent at least 3 total hours on the phone on 3 different occasions to try and get this straightened out. I was assured by the last person that I talked to, a supervisor, that someone would call me back and tell me what the story was by the 30th. And it’s now the 31st and no call. I get to play hardball with them now.
  • I hate charcoal. Drawing in charcoal is icky.
  • I like conte crayon. Much better for doing my figure drawings.
  • I also hate oil paints. While they have their appeal at times, things the last few weeks have just been frustrating… like curdling White… it’s not liking the turpentine that I’ve been using I suppose… but it’s the same as everyone else, so I’m not sure what’s up there.
  • Today is my Dad’s birthday and it’s Halloween. The family is doing the usual setup, with Pirates of the Caribbean as the theme. Little bro is dressed up as Jack Sparrow and went to his Dance class dress up this morning. I’d love to have seen the reaction…
  • Since is it my Dad’s birthday and there’s little time for cooking because of the festivities of the day, that means it’s Brick Oven pizza night. Best pizza outside Chicago.
  • And finally, got a copy of Mac OS X Leopard installed on the laptop. All in all, good stuff. There have been a few little glitchy things with 3rd party stuff, like having to do some manual configuration on my PHP installation and things like Xjournal not working (switched to iJournal, which I’m using right now), but the OS is really slick. Very nice.

I think that’s it for now. More babbling when I have it.