It’s been a long time since things have moved any direction here at AtomicFoxtail. After I graduated with my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree last August, things were put on a way back burner. I entered into job hunt mode and spent most of my time there. I moved back to Chicago and attempted to get something going there, but things didn’t work out the way I had hoped, so I’m back in Utah. I’ll be heading back to school to get another degree here starting in May.

And with that, I have a bit more time to do artstuffs. I’ve got the beginnings of page 38 of Beyond Neverwonder going. I hope to have that done for this coming Monday.

I also took some time and finished up an OLD image that I drew back in 2007. I did a drawing of Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter series and I got the base colors done and then the poor thing sat there for 2 years. As I was looking for new pieces to put into the gallery here, I came across it and decided to finish it up.

And then… there’s the new version of the website. I simplified things so it’s a bit more streamlined. I still have a few things to update, but beyond that, it’s all good. Here’s to hoping that things get going again in a good direction. And thanks for visiting.