It’s amazing to see how skills can deteriorate. I haven’t seriously drawn much of anything since the late 80s. Never really took any “art” classes in college. And most of you out there know what happened with my latest attempt to get back into the school side of artstuffs.

So here I am, just by my lonesome having to do it manually. My Drawing I class was really cool, and I wish I could have finished it… Now I just have to keep going without the help of a “teacher”.

Here’s some of the latest stuff:

normal_hands_070_06 characters_070_06

Now, mind you, I haven’t done this stuff in a really long time. I know that my proportions are like WAY off. (To be honest, they usually have been. Something that I need to practice more.)

The character sketches are kinda obvious. I’ve been trying to get myself to work on my Secret of the Sunsword project for years and I’m trying get into a groove to get that going properly. I’ve been sitting on the story for 20 years now. I just need to stop being lazy and do it.

The hands on the other, er… hand, is one of the things that I’m HORRIBLE at drawing. That and eyes. Those two things are things that I really need to spend some good time working on. I’m usually ok with other things…

As for not having a teacher, well, I have all you artsy types out there. Any comments? Criticisms? Suggestions? I know it is basically ick, so no one will hurt my feelings if you tell me it sucks. 😛 I’m much better at copying other people’s art than I am at coming up with original stuff…