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Greetings! We’re Atomicfoxtail Studios. We love being creative. We make comics. We create art. We provide design services for the comics community. We also love helping run conventions. Learn more below.

What do we do here? We love comics. If it’s related to comics, we’re here to help. Here’s a few of the things we specialize in:


Need an artist? Looking for someone to write? Look no further. Atomicfoxtail can help you develop your ideas into something special.


Art all done? Need someone to add some color to your world? Our comicolorist services may be just the thing to as some pizzazz to your project!

Graphic Design

Need some help with graphic design? Looking for a logo? Need a website? We can help with all of these and more!

Event Services

Got a convention you’re prepping for? Need a seasoned convention manager with over 15 years of con experience? Look no further!

The Latest

Here’s the latest and greatest from Atomicfoxtail Studios. Art, comics, coloring and more! Check it out below.


Getting Back

Getting Back

That’s Kit.  He’s from my webcomic Foxtails, Inc. In this scene, Kit’s out roaming the mountains in Japan when a thunderstorm strikes. He’s been running in the rain to find shelter from the storm. I feel like Kit there sometimes. Running. Trying to outrun the storm,...


Hey everyone. Tim here. I'm in the process of getting things going again here. It'll take a bit to get the rust off, but I'm working on it. I'm in the process of getting a reimaging of the Beyond Neverwonder story going and there may be a few other things coming as...

Canceling the Cancellation…

So, you know how I mentioned in the last update that I had to cancel my Nerdtacular trip? Well, through some strange circumstances, it's back on! I'll see all the nerds out there at the Snowbird Resort in Salt Lake City! I officially cancel the cancellation! The...


San Diego Comic-Con

July 19-22, 2018
San Diego Convention Center
San Diego, CA